FanCard Hype Video

Animation showcasing the product features and alignment of FanCard.

Mood Video

Video framing the rebirthing of the new legacy dot com's core audience, mood, look and feel.

Page Hype

Animation showing off new page template


Master Reel of previous work experience spanning a number of past projects.

Napster Reel

Various aspects of the Napster service I was involved with

Artist Automix

Animation showing the Napster Automix functionality.

Spike Reel

Collection of various projects while at iFilm / Spike

Yahoo! Reel

Various projects while at Yahoo! Media Group

Sony Reel

Various projects while at Sony Design Center

GetBack Reel

A look at some of the core aspects of the GetBack experience

HD Player

Next generation video HD player supporting multi streams

Next Gen Video Player

Featuring integrated background sponsor placements