Napster is a digital subscription service offering access to a vast library of music. At that time fully owned by Best Buy, Napster provides users with an integrated store experience, facilitating music subscriptions seamlessly within its platform. With Napster, users can enjoy unlimited streaming of their favorite content across various media formats, including movies, books, and games. all accessible through a single subscription.

Director User Experience and Interaction

As a key player at Napster, I was recruited to enhance product performance, innovate new offerings, and bolster organizational and technical capabilities. I spearheaded the formulation of design practices and processes within an integrated, first-ever agile framework, amplifying the focus on user experience and research. In my capacity, I led the AI group and implemented machine learning processes, while overseeing various aspects including the website, music player, downloadable app, TV and full-screen experiences. Additionally, I played a pivotal role in refining internal processes and driving new product development initiatives.

Discover, stream, and download your favorite music with Napster. Available anytime, anywhere.

Elevate your music experience with Napster’s comprehensive platform, allowing you to discover, stream, and download your favorite songs effortlessly. Whether you’re on a road trip, at the gym, or simply unwinding at home, Napster delivers your music library straight to your fingertips, ensuring that your favorite tracks are always just a click away.

Napster Music Player
Redesigned and Engineered from the Ground Up

Introducing the new Napster Music player, reimagined for the ultimate music experience. We designed a sleek design and intuitive interface, enjoy seamless navigation and access to your favorite music like never before. Save playlists directly from the player, share songs effortlessly, and purchase albums with just a click. Engineered for lightning-fast music streams with zero lag. Immerse yourself in high-quality audio wherever you go. Discover a world of possibilities with the new Napster Music player, designed to elevate your music journey to new heights.

Napster Music Interface Design
Napster Website
Design Systems at Scale

Experience the all-new Napster website, your gateway to the world’s largest music catalog. With hand-curated playlists and radio stations, discover the perfect soundtrack for every moment. Powered by industry-leading artificial intelligence, our Automixing functionality seamlessly blends songs, artists, and albums for uninterrupted listening pleasure. Create your own personal library with intuitive control over playlists, purchases, downloads, and playback history. Customize your music experience with personalized account preferences, music taste preferences, and likes / dislikes. Plus, enjoy the convenience of a single subscription that works seamlessly across all connected devices. Dive into a world of endless music possibilities with the new Napster website.

Napster Artist Songs Detail Page User Interface
Napster TV
Living Room Lean Back Experience

Introducing Napster TV, tailored for the ultimate living room experience. Immerse yourself in large full-screen visuals as you enjoy your favorite music, movies, and more. With Napster TV, transform your living room into a cinematic entertainment hub, bringing the best of Napster directly to your big screen. Whether it’s music videos, concerts, or curated playlists, Napster TV delivers a captivating experience that’s perfect for shared enjoyment with friends and family. Elevate your entertainment experience with Napster TV today.

Napster TV User Interface Rendering
Artificial Intelligence

Let AI take the reins as it intuitively selects the perfect tracks for your mood or occasion, delivering a continuous stream of music with flawless transitions. With Automix, enjoy a hands-free, immersive listening experience that keeps the music flowing effortlessly.

Interaction Testing
Volume / Drag & Drop

By gathering real user feedback early and often, we refine our designs swiftly, ensuring they meet the highest standards of usability. This iterative approach allows us to deliver innovative, industry-leading experiences that set new standards.

In-Store Promotions
TV Wall Display Takeovers

Benefit from Best Buy’s backing as Napster comes preinstalled on connected devices, complete with a complimentary 3-month subscription. Enjoy seamless access to a vast library of music, movies, books, and games right out of the box

The Napster Experience
Napster delivers a 360º user experience across connected devices, ensuring seamless access to music, movies, books, and games anytime, anywhere.
Napster 360 Experience Across Devices
Napster Logo Kitty Pink Render