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Getback.com is your ultimate destination for all things retro, bringing the nostalgia of classic music, movies, TV shows, and games to life in an immersive online experience. Dive into custom editorial features that rediscover memories from the past and browse through back catalogs of old favorites. Create your own profile page to connect with fellow fans, declare your love for your favorite musicians, actors, and shows, and explore image galleries to relive iconic moments. With daily Retro Minute videos and pop quizzes to test your nostalgic knowledge, Getback.com waking up the memories trapped in your own mind.

Vice President Product Development

As a founding member of the senior leadership team, I played a pivotal role in shaping the vision, design, and commercialization of our website and content at GetBack. With a focus on venture fundraising and executive leadership, I oversaw all aspects of design, fusing engineering, original content creation, and business development. Through strategic planning and execution, we grew our team from four to over 25 full-time employees, driving significant growth in our online presence. Our efforts resulted in GetBack attracting over 2.5 million unique visitors per month, with more than 20 million page views. By developing innovative processes to integrate design, engineering, and editorial content, we established a robust system for producing high-quality digital experiences that engaged users and generated impressive traffic metrics.

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Design Systems at Scale

Social networking and multimedia platform aimed to reconnect baby boomers with pop culture from past decades while fostering interaction among peers. Spanning the 1960s through the 1990s. Our extensive collection featured music videos, TV clips, interviews, artist pages with media and biographies, interactive timelines, “then and now” galleries, and comment boards. Complementing these offerings were traditional social networking features like profiles, chat, messaging, and user-generated content uploads. Our platform also provided widgets and classic games such as Tetris, Frogger, Donkey Kong Classic, Missile Command, and Super Mario Bros. With thousands of hours of audio and video content, we attracted over 17 million unique visitors monthly.

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GetBack Media
Fusing High Quality Original Editorial with Customized Design and Production Techniques
Retro Minute
Original Editorial Content

“Retro Minute” is a daily compilation clip distributed across multiple platforms including MSN Video, Hulu, and PumptopTV. Each episode features nostalgic content stories related to today’s date in previous years, offering viewers a trip down memory lane. Developed and syndicated daily, “Retro Minute” brings a dose of nostalgia to audiences everywhere.

Editorial Content Design & Production

“PopQuiz Video” is an exciting extension of our interactive PopQuiz and advertising-based PopQuiz, available across all our partner sites. Dive into engaging animated videos featuring rare and lesser-known stories about your favorite actors, musicians, bands, movies, and more. Designed to awaken memories of nostalgic pop culture, PopQuiz Video brings entertainment and intrigue to audiences worldwide.

Editorial Content Design & Production

“FlipBook Video” expands upon our beloved click-based interactive website FlipBook, showcasing nostalgic pop culture figures and stories. With a scalable automated template, we curate custom editorial content into captivating animated video presentations. Immerse yourself in the world of nostalgia as FlipBook Video brings iconic cultural moments to life in an engaging visual format.

Editorial Content Design & Production

Our Custom Advertorial service offers tailored editorial content designed specifically for advertising purposes. From concept to production, we create engaging advertorial content that seamlessly integrates with our partners’ brand messaging. Syndicated across our extensive network of advertising partnerships, our custom advertorials captivate audiences and drive brand engagement.

Rapid Iterative Development
Continuous Testing

We embrace a Rapid Iterative Development cycle in our design and development process. This approach involves continuously testing and iterating on various versions of our products to discover what resonates best with our users. We go beyond the initial concept, exploring different possibilities and refining our solutions based on user feedback and data insights. By prioritizing iteration and experimentation, we ensure that our products evolve in alignment with user needs and preferences, ultimately delivering exceptional user experiences.

Wakin' Up the Memories Trapped in Your Own Mind
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