Shopzilla is an online shopping platform that empowers consumers to find the best deals on a wide range of products from various retailers. With its user-friendly interface and powerful search engine, Shopzilla helps users compare prices, read reviews, and make informed purchasing decisions. Whether shopping for electronics, clothing, home goods, or more, Shopzilla provides a convenient and efficient way to shop online. Responsibilities included overseeing the design and development of Shopzilla’s portfolio of websites and mobile applications.

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  • Website &
Director User Experience, Design and Interaction

I was brought in to lead the optimization of user experience and the development of scalable processes for Shopzilla’s portfolio of shopping websites and merchant services, which collectively attract over 100 million unique visitors monthly. Tasked with revitalizing and improving their flagship sites, including,, and, I established a centralized design team. This team supported the development of content and products for four web properties and two mobile apps, implementing large-scale, data-driven design practices to ensure a cohesive user experience across all platforms.

  • StaffShopZilla, Inc.
  • RoleDirector User Experience and Interaction
  • IndustryShopping / Merchant Services
  • ServicesDesign Systems, Mobile Apps, Websites
  • Years2011 – 2013
Revolutionizing The User Experience: Transforming Shopzilla's Flagship Sites

During my tenure, I collaborated closely with the editorial, engineering, search engine optimization, and business strategy groups to produce compelling original content, resulting in a significant 10X increase in monthly published original content URLs. This effort not only enriched our platforms but also attracted a substantial 10X increase in previously untapped advertising and sponsorship revenue streams. Additionally, I spearheaded the successful launch of two mobile apps, marking the company’s inaugural entry into the mobile market and further expanding our reach and engagement with users.

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